Q. How do I return something for exchange/credit?

A. Your order included a packing slip with a return to sender label attached. Simply use this label, include a note with your order number and instructions as to what you would like us to do.

Q. What if I received an incorrect/damaged item?

A. Contact us immediately. We will send you out a pre-paid mailer (no cost to you) with the corrected item.

Q. Is your site secure?

A. Yes, we provide our customers with GeoTrust's 256bit SSL encryption for all online transactions. We also provide SSL password encryption for all account information.

Q. What types of payment do you accept?

A. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD

Q. How long does my order take to ship?

A. Processing can take 3-8 business days. Once the order is "shipped" in our system it can take 1 week for delivery for US residents. Non-US residents, please allow 2-3 weeks extra for customs delay.

Q. What if I entered my billing/shipping address incorrectly and I can't change it now?

A. Contact us immediately. Your order may not be processed correctly until the correct information is received. This could delay your processing and shipping time.

Q. How is my order shipping?

A. US residents: US Mail Service | Non-US residents: Global Priority Mail through the US Mail Service

Q. I'm not a US resident, can I still order from you?

A. Yes, we accept international orders.

Q. What if I want to cancel my order?

A. Contact us immediatly with your order number or customer name and we will cancel your order for you.

Q. What items can not be returned for exchange or credit?

A. We do not accept undergarments, socks or shoe apparall for any reason. No exceptions.

Q. What if I have a problem with my order?

A. Contact us via email or by phone ASAP.

Q. I entered my shipping information wrong and my order still shipped, what happens now?

A. Your order may be returned to us, we will attempt to contact you for the correct shipping information via email or by phone. There may be an additional reship fee applied for this entry error. We are not responsible for entry errors made in the order process.